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Considering Winter Heritage Travel?  It’s a great option!!!

-by Kimberlie Meyer, Editor

Louie Yi, Lotus Travel President and expedition specialist and I recently shared about the many good features of traveling during Winter Break. As an adoptive parent who traveled in late December 2008 to bring our daughter home, I personally found it the most pleasant of my three China trips.  The weather in Beijing was crisp but not biting cold.  In Xian, we saw all the sites we wanted to see without crowds, and the weather in Guangzhou was perfect – sunny, not humid, and temperate. All the while we enjoyed the last of the beautiful Christmas decorations, and the early signs of the Chinese New Year decorations, creating a fun and festive atmosphere in each city. 

KM: Why do you say winter is a good time to travel?

LY: While winter break is easy to overlook, it can be an ideal time to be in China. With kids out of school, it’s a great opportunity to do your family travel and take advantage of better prices, particularly on airfare costs.  Also, it is not yet holiday season in China for most (Chinese New Year).  Because school is in session in China during N. America’s winter break, very few Chinese will be traveling to tourist locations and nothing is crowded. Beijing is cool in the winter, though not unbearably so. It can be nice time to visit China without crowds at key sites—there are a lot of advantages to winter break travel. I prefer it to travel at other times of the year.  I’d suggest families seriously consider winter break travel, even if you miss just a couple of days of school; it can be worth it.  The difference on airfare alone can result in saving a lot – sometimes more than $1000 per ticket, depending on where one is flying from.  So, that amount of cost saving can be make a real difference and allow families to travel, saving more than getting free in-country travel for a child!   It’s very worthwhile to think about. 

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