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Steps for Chinese New Year Customs

Step 1
Give your house a thorough cleaning in the days before the New Year to sweep away bad luck.

Don’t clean for the first few days of the New Year, so that you don’t sweep away your good luck!

Decorate your home with traditional Chinese decorations with liberal use of red and gold to symbolize wealth and good luck, and with flowers such as peach blossom for good luck, chrysanthemum for longevity, and narcissus.

Gather your family together on the eve of the Chinese New Year for a festive meal. Include chicken and fish, as well as a dish of Chinese dumplings and hide a coin in one—whoever gets the dumpling with the coin will have good luck all year.

Pay a visit to the most senior member of your family on the first day to show your respect for them. Many people also abstain from eating meat on this day to ensure a long and happy life.

Be especially good to your dogs on the second day—this is traditionally the birthday of all dogs, so take yours on a long walk or give him an extra treat! The second day is also traditionally a day when daughters visit their parents.

Celebrate at home on the third and fourth days—these are the days when it is inappropriate to visit relatives.

Have a traditional Chinese meal in your home on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.

Visit family and friends on the sixth to tenth days.

Eat noodles and fish on the seventh day to promote longevity and success. According to Chinese tradition, this day is also the birthday of all humans.

Celebrate the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth night by attending the Chinese New Year's parade