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Qujiang District, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

Program of “Transforming lives, homes and communities” in Shaoguan

Guangdong Province is situated in the southern part of China and has a population of 90 million.  November to March is cool and dry, with temperature ranging from 5 to 25 degree Celsius. April to October is hot and humid, with temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degree Celsius. Rainstorms are common in this province in summer and early autumn.  The Qujiang District of Shaoguan Municipality, is about 210 km north of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. Most residents are rice famers, while many young and middle-age villagers work outside of the village in local  factories and shops. Annual per capita income in the area is roughly US $450.

Qujiang District
Shaoguan municipality

Guangdong Province there are still 2.4 million families (12 million people) living in temporary shelter or primitive and dangerous homes made of mud-brick or earthen wall and tile-roof. These houses have no sanitation and ventilation systems, and due to a lack of layout planning are often too close to livestock pens.  Often the homes are dark and humid inside, the mud wall is easily eroded by rain and the tile-roof is often leaky, they are uncomfortable, unhygienic and vulnerable to flooding. At least 10,000 rural families in Qujiang District are living in such kind of houses.  Habitat plans to assist in transforming homes into baked-brick-wall and reinforced-concrete-roof ones, the most popular structural design for permanent houses in this region.

Working together with the local government and the Communist Youth League, Habitat for Humanity China has been implementing the program of “Transforming lives, homes and communities” in Qujiang District to address this housing problem. We are planning to help build 100 more houses for low income rural families in the year of 2009-2010 in this area. While Habitat for Humanity focuses on building houses, the local government will partially subsidize the improvement of public infrastructure by building roads, sewage and drainage systems, as well as drinking water supply.

Additionally, more effective planning will lead to a greater separation of people and animals and dramatically increase hygiene while reducing disease and illness. In this way, we will help transform the existing unsafe and unhygienic village into secure and healthy community.

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