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“Thanks for the Memories”

This page is dedicated to familys reminisces of memorable moments that took place at the White Swan and are sealed into an adoptive families fabric of memories.

If you would like to contribute a memory of yours to add, please contact Iris Culp at iris@lotustours.net to submit. For any photos submitted, please submit ones that you have permission to offer and are not individually identifiable.

Family Memories:

We saw the first smile….

Our daughter had been in foster care from the day she was found until the day she I met her. She cried and grieved terribly hard for much of the trip. It was finally at the White Swan hotel that we saw the beginning of her wonderful and winsome personality with a HUGE sense of humor start to come out. We saw a huge wonderful smile one day at breakfast time, and we felt we had truly turned a corner in building a relationship with her. She is now the light of our lives and an absolute delight to our days. Here is a photo of a full out smile captured at the US Embassy. It’s an absolute favorite photo of our entire trip!

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