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White Swan Changes

Lea Xu, VP of Lotus Travel, shares the updates and changes coming for the White Swan hotel.

“I am excited to share that the much anticipated remodeling of the White Swan hotel will officially begin on September 16 of this year!   I know many of our families have been anxiously waiting to receive an update.  I’d like to share a few highlights of the coming changes and also our recommended alternative hotel during the 12-month renovation project.  Here is a list of a few:

  • Larger rooms & more suite rooms.  The hotel will be changing in accommodation size from approximately 800 rooms to just over 400 rooms. So, the ‘elbow room’ for each family will get much larger.
  • Beds are changing to softer mattressesJ!   Yes, families can feel it for themselves after October 2012.
  • The main building of the hotel will be completely renovated, though the famous indoor waterfall will remain.
  • The entrances to the hotel will be relocated to the Pearl River side of the building.

Though the hotel will close to overnight guests starting in September of 2011, and restaurants within the White Swan remain open through December 2011. Louie and I have been involved in reviewing architectural models of the White Swan’s renovation plans and are excited for the technical enhancements which will bring greater options and ease for hotel guests.  There will be all new furnishings and the many upgrades and enhancements will further solidify the place of the White Swan as one of the leading fifty greatest hotels in the world.  Since the White Swan is part of the historic Shamian Island and is considered a symbolic landmark of China’s thirty years of economic reform, the changes have been carefully considered and required additional approvals by Chinese governmental agencies.
We at Lotus Travel have been staying abreast of these changes and have arranged wonderful alternative accommodations during the White Swan renovation period.  For families visiting Guangzhou between October 2011 until October 2012, stay at the Marriott China Hotel.  It is conveniently located near to parks, restaurants, shops, and historic sites and has easy subway access.  The China Hotel has elegant accommodations, luxurious bedding, high-speed Internet, and more.  Here is a link with photos and more details:  http://www.lotustours.net/hotel/GD-GZ-CH.htmlIt is a great spot for staying in Guangzhou whether your family is completing an adoption or reliving adoption moments during a heritage trip. 

Louie and I promise to keep families informed as we know of more details of the changes.  The White Swan has a special place in the hearts of many adoptive families. We are also working on a new opportunity that will be of interest for families who have memories of staying at the White Swan. As that next step unfolds, we will keep our families informed.”
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