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Book Early for 2012 Advantage

Louie Yi, President of Lotus Travel (also popularly known as “Uncle Louie”) suggests a bit of advice for families planning a heritage trip in 2012.  He says for this coming year, it is smart to book earlier than in years past. He says, “If a family books 6-8 months ahead of their travel dates, they will likely get the best tour costs.”  He explains, “This is because it allows us to book families touring costs at current exchange rates for the yuan.  With China’s economy, there is growing inflationary pressure, so getting the best exchange rate on the yuan can be very helpful this year.”   He adds, While no one can predict the future, in my estimation, families who book prior to year end may save 5% or more on their touring costs. “   
Of course, there are other advantages which can help the budget also, which is to travel prior to the kids turning age 12, since the “child” rate is 20% less than the adult rate.  So, booking early, planning your travel when your child is under 12, and being with or creating your own “group” are all moves that can help the budget.  While Lotus Travel understands that this trip and memories made while in China are often “priceless”, we recognize that the practical side of creating a budget and a plan is an essential step and like to offer families insights from our experience.    

If you wish to get started on planning and want to review sample itineraries, you can view group tour dates here: Fixed tours   Or, if you would like to create your own group, here is a list of sample tour options: Anytime tours .  If you have questions, you may contact Louie at louie@lotustours.net   to get the plans going for that “trip of a lifetime”.
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