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Thank you so much, Louie, for an unbelievably fabulous trip!

We knew from the itinerary that we were in for a special experience. What we and our two children had went far past our expectations and is hard to put into words. The big things, like the Great Wall, the Terracotta Soldiers and the incredibly beautiful Li River trip were awesome and also part of most tours. Other things, though, like the dancing party with the farmers in their village, the cooking lesson in Yangshuo, the tea farm in Guilin, the "Cricket Man," or the old lady in Hu County with her gnarled fingers and warm heart are tucked away in special places in our minds. We think the way the trip was planned and organized was pure genius. Also, the way you took the time with the children, while still making major decisions or solving our personal problems (like exchanging $$), was amazing. The tour guides in each province were wonderful - very knowledgable, helpful and cheerful! Michele and Jenny, along with all the children on this Heritage Tour, were so fortunate to see and experience their birth country the way they did.

Thank you from our hearts, Louie, for so patiently answering all of our questions...and for the trip of a lifetime! The memories will stay with us forever...

Gary, Stephanie, Michele and Jenny Wise

Thank you so much for an amazing trip, my daughter is still glowing two weeks later, talking about how much she loved the trip and the guides, the friends she made, and the beauty of China – quite a lot of praise from an 11 year old. You and your local guides are amazing, and I will tell everyone I know who is thinking of a trip to China to contact you.

Becky S.

As I mentioned before, we were really very pleased with our trip and some of the ways I measure success are:
1. Did my daughter gain a sense of where she is from and was she able to take it all in and gain a sense of pride? Yes!
2. Did the trip trigger her curiosity and desire to learn more about China and the Chinese people? Yes! I think she may re-commit to studying the language.
3. Were the logistics and mechanics of the tour arranged in a way that a single parent and a 10 yr old could navigate safely, make connections on time, move luggage, etc.?
Yes! All of our guides and drivers were at the right place and at the right time. You know I travel a good deal, but it sure was nice to have the help
getting us in and out of those train stations! The guides were especially thoughtful…we were always fed at the right time and always pointed toward the best restroom facilities.Thank you again.

Donna M.

“Uncle Louie” Trips

Thanks for all your hard work making our trip nearly perfect (next time less humidity please) The trip to the orphanage was very special and went off perfectly. An uneventful trip home out of Shanghai and now getting recovered from jet lag and ready to go back to work. Thanks again, if you have a  reference list that you publish for potential clients please feel free to include our family.

Bill, Karen and Summer B

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