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" Thank you so very much for taking time to travel with us. You are the host with the most. I'm working on the laundry, mail, etc. and the laptop I'm using uses Works instead of Word so I'll open your attached survey a little late on my other laptop. It will certainly all be favorable, however. You really gave the girls many wonderful experiences to last a lifetime, but the pace you maintained felt relaxed and low key. It was great for we adults, too! Thanks for your flexibility, your terrific planning, sharing your insights, and your assistance every step of the trip. I can think of no better way to travel China than with "Uncle Louie" :)


"Everything was truly excellent.  Thank you so much.  We loved meeting you.  The kids loved the trip.  Guides, activities and accommodations were excellent"

Thank you Louie! This trip exceeded expectations and tonight, Kyla told me how proud she is to be Chinese (and adopted) crazy for a 9 year old to express!  You really created a balanced tour that gave us the good, the semi-bad and the real.   Before this trip she has wrestled with some feelings about questions from kids and never wants to be singled out as "adopted".  She now wants a "Made in China" t- shirt which she will wear proudly.  Thank you for your insight and experience.  You're doing a great (and very important) job.

"Louie's personalized service. Great Wall and Panda Reserve were great experiences. Kids flying kits on the Xian wall and going to the elementary school were great. The best was being able to include the orphanage and finding site in the trip."

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