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Linchuan/Fuzhou Reunion Tour

1Special Announcement for Fuzhou / Linchuan Families:

Lotus Travel and Director Zhou of Fuzhou/ Linchuan orphanage have teamed together to provide a unique opportunity for families returning during Summer 2012!  Below is a brief Q & A which highlights common questions and information about this special tour.

Q:  What is unique about this tour being offered during June 2012 by Lotus Travel?
A: For this tour, Director Zhou of the  SWI and Louie Yi of Lotus Travel have arranged tailor-made activities and options for returning adoptive families to take place on July 2 &3rd at the SWI.  There will be an opportunity to visit the orphanage; review files, and volunteer at the SWI. There will also the opportunity to visit the previous notary office, where the papers were signed during the adoption journey.  What an opportunity for kids and families—this plus the heritage trip itinerary Lotus does so well!  We will also arrange to see nannies or a foster family if interested.

Q:  Why now, why this summer? Will this opportunity be available each summer?
A:  Louie Yi has asked Director Zhou to assist returning 2012 Lotus traveling families. Director Zhou has done so by creating this set aside time to make it easy for families visiting this summer!   No, we do not expect to see this special arrangement repeated in the future.  This is a unique invitation.
 Director Zhou also let us know he had that he considered making a reunion arrangement in 2011, but the organization with which he’d had discussions, did not work out appropriate arrangements.  Lotus is committed to doing so and excited to offer this special opportunity for families!

Q:   What can you tell us about the children who remain at the orphanage currently?  And what should we do as a family to prepare ourselves and our children for volunteering there?
A:  Director Zhou has provided the information that there are approximately 120 children who are currently residing at the LinChuan orphanage.  Families should note that he tells us that approximately three-quarters of these children have special needs or disabilities. (Read general tips for orphanage visit here ).  It’s good to prepare your children for the emotional element of a birth country visit; Dr. Rebecca Nelson, child psychologist offers insight for this on our website at: Emotional Prep .  You may also wish to review the article called on our website to prepare your children for a volunteer assignment, or to anticipate questions from your child in the article,   "Top 10 Questions"

Q:  Will this visit be at the previous LinChuan orphanage building or the new one? And, what about the special nanny that took care of our child?
A:  The old building is not able to have any visitors, so all meetings and visits will take place at the current SWI building.   If your child’s special nanny (or any nanny for whom you have identifying  information) is available, Lotus Travel will arrange for you to meet with the nanny, if she is willing and available to be located. Please contact us soon, as these details require advance planning.

Q:  When does this tour depart? 
A:  It departs June 22nd and before arriving in Fuzhou/LinChuan, families will get to visit the key sites of Beijing, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City and have lunch in the historic hutong district.  There is an overnight train to Xian’s Terra Cotta Warriors where families will visit the famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum and can ride a bike on the city wall.   Families will also get to see (and hold if they want) the adorable pandas in Chengdu before embarking on the journey to Nanchang and Fuzhou/LinChuan.   It’s a great opportunity to see very important sights all during one wonderful journey. Click Itinerary  for detailed schedule.

Q:  We want to extend our trip or even vary a bit from the published itinerary.   Is that even possible?   
A: Yes, that’s possible. The tour schedule can be customized to your preferences, so you may adjust it as you prefer to shorten or extend the trip, according to your family’s schedule and need.  Of course, we don’t want you to miss anythingJ!  The best price is available when the published tour is followed due to group rates. We can specialize any trip.  Email louie@lotustours.net to inquire about this trip.

Q: I’m not sure this trip and this year is right for our family.  I don’t feel prepared to take my child this summer.  What factors should I consider about when to travel and how to prepare?
A:  The exchange rate between China and the US continues to rise, so we expect future summers’   prices to be going up more with increased pressure on the exchange rate. So it is likely, that this year’s rates will be better than any future summer that we anticipate.
If you’re concerned your child is too young for a visit, experts encourage parents to return with their children during the early elementary years or later.  Click "Timing"  article by Dr. Rebecca Nelson to read more.    In addition to travel itinerary experts, Lotus Travel offers a number of resources focused on helping your family emotionally prepare for the journey.  Click Resources to review a list, or contact our Homeland Heritage Programs Director at iris@lotustours.net  to discuss family preparation questions you may have. We are happy to assist!


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