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Do you recall visiting China during your family’s adoption trip and being pleasantly surprised by the exchange rate of dollars to yuan?  If, for example, your family traveled to adopt during 2005 you likely experienced an exchange rate of roughly 8.2 yuan to 1 dollar. While the focus of the adoption trip is their child, some parents have enjoyed shopping for souvenirs and mementos that were made cheaper by a favorable exchange rate.  

Today that exchange rate is around 6.2 yuan to 1 dollar. Business Week Online recently stated of the yuan, “It has gained about 30% in nominal terms against the dollar since the landmark move in the summer of 2005 to de-peg the yuan from the greenback.”  With the growth of the Chinese economy and the depegging of the yuan to the dollar, it seems like making plans for traveling to China now rather than deferring the trip is sound reasoning for many families.

In the last few years as families have planning return heritage trips, parents are sometimes surprised at the growth of the yuan.  Louie Yi, owner of Lotus Travel, puts it this way:  “Each year I work and bargain hard with our local partners to try to hold inflation down for our families.”   And then adds, “Families can also save on the budget to travel when children are under 12 to save cost.  Also to save costs on airfare, off season in winter and spring have better rates. I will work with families to meet the budget they have.” He adds, “There is never a better time” to take a heritage trip.   Child psychologist and international adoptee experts share the perspective that kids during early elementary years are ideal candidates for the travel experience, with their strong connection to parents and concrete thinking , which helps them see the enjoyment of each new experience.  See detailed article by Dr. Rebecca Nelson entitled: Timing of Birth Country Visits     

Of course Louie, as the consummate travel advocate adds, “There is not a bad time to travelJ!” 

 Notes: Currency converter: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/cross-cultural/currency-converter.html
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