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Heritage Trip “Budgeting Builder” Tips

How can one save and possibly budget for such a trip?

  • One way is to travel in wintertime,  or early spring when airfares are typically less.
  • Create a Trip Savings Plan or TSP  and pay installments in advance of a trip. Send $50 or $100 as you can.  We’ll help you track your progress. 
  • Plan to travel sooner rather than later – inflation has been 7-8% per year China
  • Travel in a group of 10 (adults) +, you will gain the benefit of group rates on hotels.
  • Collect frequent flier miles to lower or eliminate airfare costs and/or let others know – they may offer to collect miles for you tooJ
  • Let grandparents or others know of a Lotus  Gift Certificate – perfect for kids’ birthday and holidays
  • You can also take trains in between key cities, which can save on hotel and airfare costs in China.
  • Share ownership; consider having your child assist:
    •  Allow them to have responsibility for designated part (visa fees, shopping, etc.).  This can help them build anticipation and excitement
    • Young kids responsible for grocery/ dining coupons & put designated savings in a jar
    • Ask a teen to look at their spending and save something for next 12-18 months.
  • Evaluate the possibility of a “staycation” for 1-2 years as you save towards your heritage trip.

In-Country Seasonal Estimates

Summer: $1500-$2500 per adult*

Winter/Early Spring:  $1400 - $1800 per adult*

Airfare Seasonal Estimates

Summer:  $1200 - $2500 

Fall/Winter / Early Spring:  $800 – $1900

We can help you build your trip savings and make your family dream trip come true!

Click sample plans to see examples; email iris@lotustours.net to inquire or set up a trip savings plan.

(* Assumptions:  ** hotel accommodation is 4 star level   ***  trip length is 12 days; cost reflects base price, not including hometown area/orphanage travel and fees. The latter requires  completely customization per distance and travelers.)
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