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"Flight Service Online" with Lotus

Welcome to the "Lotus Flights Online" service. When you reserve via Lotus Flights Online, you can get our contracted airline rates with major airlines for both international travel and China domestic travel.

Search with us for your international and/or China domestic flights. For international flights, booking with Lotus online can provide you the flexibility to travel last minute with consolidator rate.  With China domestic flights, our prices offer up to a 50% discount.   We’ll contact you to confirm travel plans, make a reservation and issue tickets. In addition to making a reservation and ticketing, our agents also handle any changes, refunds or cancellations according to your request.

Lotus Travel offers great discounted plane ticket deals for travelers traveling to Southeast Asia. We have special contracts with various major airlines, such as United, Northwest, Cathy Pacific, China Airlines, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Continental Airlines, which offer clients affordable fares. As a consolidator with eight airlines, most of our consolidator fares do not require advance purchase. Besides offering competitive prices, Lotus Travel's diligent staff ensures the best customer care as well.  For your inquiries, contact our travel advisors instantly at 1-800-956-8873 M-F from 9-6 p.m. PST.or email info@lotustours.net to get started today!

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