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Lotus Travel's Matching Gift Program

The Program

Many children who remain in China not only are missing the love and care of a forever family, and they also struggle with substandard food and housing. We are pleased to support organizations that work to change lives of children who remain in China. Such organizations with which Lotus has established working relationships include Love Without Boundaries and Packages of Hope. As Lotus Travel has helped unite thousands of "Forever Families", we are pleased to announce a new matching gift program. The purpose of this program is to enhance the work of non-profit organizations which are dedicating to improve the lives of "China's children".

Program Parameters

Purpose: To match charitable contributions that are raised in order to benefit the children who remain in China's orphanages.

Charity Requirements

  • Registered 501 c 3 organization
  • Focus of the charity must be on improving the plight of children who remain in China
  • Program does not provide funding for politically affiliated groups, or groups whose administrative expenses exceed 15%
  • Completed Lotus Travel application submitted one month prior to event

How it works

Any FCC or other organization that is coordinating a charity event focused on assisting children in need may apply for Lotus Travel's matching gift program. Lotus will pay $0.50 for each dollar raised by the FCC or other group up to a maximum of $300.00 per event. This program is subject to budget limitations. Acknowledgement of a received and completed application does not obligate Lotus Travel in any way to approve such application. Please contact our marketing representative, Iris Culp, at iris@lotustours.net for additional information.

Note: This program is subject to financial limits on an annual basis. If the number of applications received in a year exceeds the financial limits of the program, applications may be placed on hold, deferred or denied as appropriate to the number of pending applications and circumstances.


One Month (or more) Prior to Fundraising Event

Complete a matching gift request form. Email application to iris@lotustours.net. Applications must be received a minimum of thirty days prior to the event.

One Week Before Event

Lotus Travel will notify applicant regarding whether the event was approved for the matching gift program

After the Event

Event organizer submits a quick recap of event, detailing time and location of the fundraiser; the amount of funds raised for which designated charity; and what date the funds were disbursed to the designated charity. Within thirty days of this report, Lotus will send matching gift funds directly to the provided contact at the approved charity

Matching Gift Program Update  -- Introduced in 2008

January 2008 
FCC – Alaska:  Provided $200 in matching funds which supported fund-raising efforts  for Half the Sky Foundation at FCC Alaska chapter’s CNY festivities.

February 2008 
FCC – New Jersey Shores:  Lotus Travel Matching Gift program matched $161.25 raised in efforts to support the Morning Star Center of Hope, which provides medical care to children in China, in hopes they can remain with their families of origin.

June 2008 
FCC New Jersey Camp: Provided $500 matching funds to provide assistance to earthquake relief efforts for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake of May 2008 through the Half the Sky Foundation.

September 2008 
Colorado Heritage Camp:  Granted $500 in matching funds via the “More Than Me” program, a program in which young people in middle school raise funds for a cause. The funds went to CCAI’s earthquake relief efforts for the Sichuan earthquake of May 2008

Download the Matching Gift Applicaton Form

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