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Let’s Finish Funding Wade’s School Semester!

This 10 year old boy has started school – for the first time in his life!  Thanks to one donor who provided “seed money” to get his semester started.   Now we need a minimum of $650 MORE to finish the semester!  Please consider helping – no amount is too small and any gift is tax deductible, through Packages of Hope.  Click Packages of Hope to read or make any donation – any size is welcome and appreciated!   You can also click Wade to read more about this amazing young man and his desire to attend school and see more of his artwork.    

Drawing and surrounded by new friends from school Having fun at school Drawing on his own at school
Wade's nanny now helps him go to school

 In China, though the law says a disabled child is able to attend school, it is not a practical reality.  China has no ADA type disability curb cuts, or accessible entrances or exits, etc.  In China, there are not teachers’ aides hired to assist a child with some disability.  If a disabled child is to attend school, they must provide their own assistant to help them navigate the barriers that exist.   For a wealthy family, this is possible, though there are still a lot of cultural taboos and myths that surround any disability.  For a child living in an orphanage, having their own full-time nanny to help a disabled child to attend school seems an insurmountable difficulty.    However, Louie Yi, Lotus Travel President, met this young man (we call him Wade) and has pledged to share his story and seek ways to help him attend school, which has been Wade’s dream for many years. Click Packages of Hope to help him finish this semester!

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