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  • Meant to Be
  • Dining Etiquette& Tips
  • Serious Advantages of Winter Travel
  • Winter Travel Perspective
  • Women's Equality: Certain Progress & Definite Limits
  • From a recent traveler to the rural farmer's home visit & stay:
  • Guidelines for Guides & Tipping
  • Chinese New Year's Day Taboos
  • December 2015 From Lea Xu & Louie Yi
  • A Trip of a Lifetime
  • Meant to Be
  • I AM ME
  • June Galoph’s Dilemma in China
  • Joining the Game
  • Fun Facts About Pandas
  • Sichuan & Hunan - Some "Spicy" Provinces
  • Hunan Adoptive Families Reunion - Winter 2015
  • Submission Guidelines
  • General terms
  • How each Chinese province got its name
  • Lantern Festival-Start the Year Right!!!
  • How each Chinese province got its name
  • The Internet with "Chinese Characteristics"
  • Jasmine Sings
  • Winter Solstice / Winter Festival / Dongzhi
  • December 2014
  • "Lucky Money" Envelope Giveaway
  • Vancouver B.C. hosts "Journeys Weekend"
  • China's "Singles Day" Sets Worldwide Record
  • China's Ancient Art of Shadow Puppetry
  • Ancient Art:"Soul of the Rice Fields"
  • Let's Finish Funding Wade's School Semester!
  • Marriage and Divorce in China: A Changing Landscape
  • Feminine Ideal Shifts in China's Cultural Evolution
  • Marriage and Divorce in China: A Changing Landscape
  • Terra Cotta Warriors Horses and Museum
  • Bridge
  • Days of Chinese New Year Festival
  • Symbolic Foods for Chinese New Year
  • "Lucky Money" Envelope Giveaway
  • Educational Pressure in China: A Parent's Perspective
  • Hebei Province
  • The Great Wall
  • Sections of the Great Wall
  • 18th Anniversary Reflections:A Journey of Growth
  • Fujian Province
  • One Family's Volunteer Experience
  • Louie Yi -- Wuzhou Orphanage Visit
  • The Eight Major Cuisines of China
  • Anhui Province
  • Bicycles in Beijing
  • Jiangsu:"Land of Fish and Rice...."
  • Yunnan Province
  • Differences in a Decade
  • A Family Chinese New Year Holiday in Hainan Island
  • Chinese Chopsticks
  • Jiangxi Province
  • Ask the Expert
  • Henan Province
  • Louie's Tibetan Travels:The Beauty of the Less Traveled Road
  • Louie's Photos & Visit to Jiuzhaigou
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    “Heritage Travel 101” Webinar

      May 4th   -- noon- 1pm  CST

      May 22nd – 7 pm – 8 pm  CST

      June 8th – noon- 1 pm CST

      This online webinar provides a practical toolkit for planning your family’s pivotal birth country visit.  The session covers emotional preparation, practical considerations, cultural caveats; rich resources and helps turn your trip ideas from the abstract to reality. 

      Here is a sampling of questions addressed:

      • What age/maturity level should I consider taking this trip with my child?
      • What can I expect during the orphanage visit portion?
      • How do I prepare my child for the orphanage visit?
      • What are some key cultural differences to be aware of prior to your trip?
      • What are the advantages of traveling during different times of the year?
      • What should we be doing to prepare our child emotionally for the trip?
      • What has been the outcome experienced by other families taking such a trip?
      • What can we do to keep our trip at a reasonable cost?
      • What projects can help a child become comfortable with China before we travel?

      You will understand timing considerations; how to decide what budget level to travel at and more!   You will walk away with many questions answered, and prepared to understand what else to ask! This workshop is highly educational and packed with personal illustrations to help you develop your own plan.

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