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 For a tourist visa, one must provide one of the following documents: 

A) Photocopy of round-trip airline ticket AND hotel reservation; OR
B) Invitation Letter for Tourist Group issued by a Duly Authorized Tourism Unit; OR
C) *Invitation Letter issued by Chinese companies, corporations, institutions and individuals. If the invitation is issued by an individual, a photocopy of that person's Chinese ID is required.

Note: Invitation letter can be submitted as a photocopy. However, original invitation and/or personal interview may be requested at visa officer's discretion.

*Invitation letter issued by companies, corporations, institutions or individuals in China shall include the following items: (A) Personal information of applicant: name, gender, date of birth, etc. (B) Information concerning applicant's visit: purpose of visit, date of arrival and departure, places to visit, relationship between the applicant and the inviter, and who will bear the cost of the applicant's accommodations in China. (C) Information of inviter: name of the unit or individual, phone number, address, and if applicable, seal and signature of the legal representative.

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