Our five nights at Guilin Ming Garden were great as well! It is certainly our favorite place in China. The apartment is remodeled, extremely clean and has a great view; having internet access is a nice touch and there is plenty of room for our entire family. After a long day of fun, it was relaxing to come home to delicious home cooked meals prepared by our nanny Mrs Huang.She made us feel right at home with her traditional Cantonese home cooked dinners: her normal dinner consist of soup, two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes; very much like the meals our Cantonese parents made for us when we were younger and the meals had brought back fond memories.
-Helen Lee

Séjours croisière et Kung Fu

Cruise and Kung Fu Tour

Enjoy the most famous features China has to offer, all in one trip. Visit the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City in Beijing, and the famous relics of the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum of Xian. After visiting these significant historic achievements, enjoy a glimpse of China's largest building project since the Great Wall-visit the Three Gorges Dam. You can relax with breathtaking scenery on the luxurious Yangtze River cruise ship. In addition to all these highlights an even more important moment awaits your family, which is your specialized tour and arrangement to visit to your child's orphanage and hometown location. You can end the trip with a stroll down memory lane. All these highlights are here in one trip. It's sure to be memorable and make "history" for your own family.

Aperçu des visites
Durée: 18 jours / 17 nuits
Click below for: Prix / logement
Beijing, Xian, Mt. WuDang, YiChang, Yangtze River Cruise, Chongqing, Guangzhou
Dates de départ: Every Tuesday
Jour 1 : Tuesday Depart for Beijing
Repas: N/A
Depart for Beijing today.
Jour 2 : Wednesday Beijing
Repas: N/A
Arrivée à l'aéroport international de Pékin. Votre guide privé anglophone et chauffeur vous conduiront à votre hôtel. Découvrez le pays de naissance de votre enfant pendant que vous vous ajustez au nouveau fuseau horaire et au nouveau cadre.
Jour 3 : Thursday Beijing
Repas: B/L
Begin your day with a tour at the Forbidden City. Listed as a world heritage site in 1987, the Forbidden City contains the largest group of intact palace structures in the world. The palace is 720,000 square meters in size and contains 9,999 rooms, numerous pavilions, gardens and courtyards. Then visit the Tiananmen Square. Noted as the largest city square in the world, the square was initially designed for political rallies and important gala events. Today the square is flanked by the Forbidden City in the north, the Great Hall of the People in the west, Mao TseTung's Mausoleum in the south and the Museum of Chinese Revolution and the Museum of Chinese History in the east. After a bowl of fresh hot noodles for lunch, visit the Stadiums - "Bird's Nest" and the National Aquatics Center - "Watercube" and retrace some moments of present day Olympic history.
Jour 4 : Friday Beijing
Repas: B/L
Visitez un site du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO. Commencez votre journée par une visite à la Grande Muraille. Construit il y a plus de 2.000 ans par le premier empereur de Chine, le mur antique long de 6,350 km est la seule structure artificielle visible depuis l'espace. Créez des souvenirs de famille avec une montée ou une promenade sur ce grand trésor culturel et national, et bien sûr, prendre quelques photos aussi! Le soir, votre famille peut choisir de se détendre autour de la piscine de l'hôtel, ou choisir une option Kung Fu ou performance acrobatique.
Jour 5 : Saturday Beijing/Xian
Repas: B/L/D
This morning explore the fascinating Hutong neighborhoods. Beijing's oldest Hutongs (alleys) were constructed during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Your tour will take you through some of the best-preserved Hutong neighborhoods that represented the history, culture and lifestyle of old Beijing. After a special homemade lunch at a local family residence in the Hutong Lane area, your family can learn to construct your own kites under professional instructions. In the afternoon, visit China's largest temple and altar - the Temple of Heaven, which is often depicted as the most recognizable symbol of China. Then relax and fly your handmade kites with the others at the Temple of Heaven.Early this evening, get onboard a luxury express train for your overnight journey to Xian.Beijing/Xian Soft Sleeper Train T43 (9:36P/8:42A + 1 day)(Your tour guide has tickets)
Jour 6 : Sunday Xian
Repas: L
Ce matin vous arrivez tôt dans la capitale de la Chine ancienne, Xian. Connu sous le nom de ChangAn dans les temps anciens, Xian était la capitale de la Chine pendant 1062 ans (13 dynasties et 73 empereurs différents).Visitez le Musée historique de la province du Shaanxi pour un regard en profondeur sur l’histoire de la région. Lorsque vous voyagez sur le mur de la ville de 950 ans sur un vélo, vous serez sûr de profiter de la vue panoramique. Construit pendant la dynastie des Ming avec un noyau de boue et couverts par trois couches de briques. Le mur de la ville de Xian est le seul mur resté intact dans la Chine d'aujourd'hui. Profitez du spectacle de marionnettes dans le jardin GaoJia et les enfants peuvent s’amuser avec les marionnettes après le spectacle.
Jour 7 : Monday Xian
Repas: B/L
Embarquez pour une aventure incroyable historique et culturelle qui commence par l'exploration des guerriers de terre cuite et le Musée des chevaux au patrimoine mondial de sites UNESCO depuis 1987. Créé il y a 2.000 ans pour garder le tombeau de Qinshihuang premier empereur de Chine, le temps et les éléments ont progressivement usé les détails peints sur les soldats et les chevaux pour révéler leur terre cuite. Apprenez à faire des jiaozi (raviolis chinois traditionnels) et profiter d'un déjeuner fait maison.
Jour 8 : Tuesday Xian/Mt. WuDang
Repas: B/L/D
Commencez votre journée par une visite du Musée d'Histoire du Shaanxi, qui est généralement considéré comme le second meilleur musée d'histoire dans toute la Chine. La construction a commencé en 1983 de ce musée de style Tang qui a ouvert au public en 1991. Avec une superficie de 55.600 mètres carrés et une collection de 370.000 objets, il y a quelque chose pour quiconque qui s'intéresse à l'histoire longue et riche de la Chine. Après le déjeuner, vous serez transféré à la gare routière de Xian pour votre bus climatisé direction le mont Wudang (c'est à peu près à 4 heures de route). Dès votre arrivée, votre guide et chauffeur viendront vous chercher et vous transférer à l'hôtel.
Jour 9 : Wednesday Mt. WuDang
Repas: B/L/D
After breakfast you will be transferred to the Mt. WuDang (1.5 hours drive) which has a long history associated with Taoism. Mt. Wudang is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and holds a large number of palaces and temples which exemplify the architectural and artistic achievements of China's Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It represents the highest standards of Chinese art and architecture over a period of nearly 1,000 years. Wudang Kung Fu is a specialized internal martial arts form in China and enjoys a position parallel to Shaolin Kung Fu in the Chinese Kung Fu field. As a result, there is a popular saying "In the North respects are paid to Shaoling Kung Fu; in the South honor should be given to Wudang Kung Fu." Take cable car up to the top of the Mountain - Golden Hall and visit the Taihe Palace. Enjoy the view from a unique vantage point tonight when you stay in the hotel on Mt. WuDang.
Jour 10 : Thursday WuDang/YiChang
Repas: B/L/D
This morning, visit the ZiXiao Temple where you can learn Taichi shadow boxing or WuDang Kung Fu. After lunch visit the TaiZiPo Temple and Nanyan Palace, both places of traditional Taoism influence and learn more about these influences in shaping Chinese culture and thought. After lunch, you will be transferred to YiChang for the Yangtze River Cruise.Board your ship before 9:00PM for the 4 nights/5 days Yangtze River Cruise.
Jour 11 : Friday Yangtze River Cruise
Repas: B/L/D
This morning visit Three Gorges Dam Site - one of the biggest hydropower-complex projects in the world. It is a half mile wide and more than 600 feet high. It will create a reservoir nearly 400 miles long and enable 10,000-ton ocean-going freighters to sail directly into the nation's interior for six months of each year. It is expected to create as much electricity as 18 nuclear power plants and open up a region burgeoning with agricultural and manufactured products. Get on the luxurious Victoria cruise line ship and sail through the 3 Gorges shiplocks & Xiling Gorge.
Jour 12 : Saturday Yangtze River Cruise
Repas: B/L/D
Enjoy a day excursion to Daning River and experience the excitement and awe of bygone days of river travel in China via pole cane propelled boats during your excursion of this tributary. Or explore Shennong Stream (depending on river conditions) where one may drift on a shallow boat and enjoy not only beautiful scenery but also see groups of monkeys sporting among the trees, shoals of fish swimming in the clear water, as well as ancient coffins in the rocky crevices.
Jour 13 : Sunday Yangtze River Cruise
Repas: B/L/D
Take an excursion to Shibaozhai town, which was built in 1750 on sheer cliffs and has local cultural and spiritual significance. You can also take a 1.5 hour hike for a great view and with photo opportunities. Or, depending on river conditions, alternate excursions may be allowed such as, Fengdu with its special culture of ghosts and afterlife among natural beauty and historic relics. Or, one may visit the town of Wanzhou, much of which is being rebuilt, due to the new reservoir.
Jour 14 : Monday Chongqing/Province
Repas: B
Arrive at ChongQing at 9:00AM.Meet your local English-speaking tour guide and driver at the ship. Depart Chongqing and travel to the capital city of your designated province for an orphanage visit. A Lotus guide will sensitively and carefully assist your family as you embark on this most meaningful portion of your return trip. On this initial day of the city visit, stroll around the area and absorb the city and locale.
Jour 15 : Tuesday Province
Repas: N/A
Your orphanage visitation typically includes a lunch meeting with the orphanage director and staff. If your family wishes to be in touch with the foster family, Lotus can also arrange a time for you to reunite if contact information is available. After lunch, you may explore your child's finding site. Record the day's events in your journal or just relax with your family this evening.
Jour 16 : Wednesday Province/Guangzhou
Repas: N/A
This morning, take some final glimpses around your child's province to capture your special memories. After breakfast, depart your province and travel to Guangzhou.
Jour 17 : Thursday Guangzhou
Repas: B/L
Today you will tour around Shamian Island: stopping at the medical clinic where adoption medical exams are conducted and visiting the photo shop where your child's visa photo was taken. In the afternoon, take another trip down memory lane when you visit the American Consulate. Your guide will then escort you to a local park where you can linger and relax while enjoying a story-time of traditional Chinese folktales to deepen your understanding of the rich cultural heritage of your child. Bring closure to the lifelong memories from the past two weeks and write in your journal or just spend some time relaxing as a family.
Jour 18 : Friday Leave Guangzhou
Repas: B
Please meet your private English-speaking tour guide and driver at the hotel lobby and travel to the Guangzhou New Bai Yun Airport for your international flight back home. Cross the International Dateline and arrive home on the same day.


Valide du 1er aout 2013 au 31 Mars 2014
1 Person 2-5 Personnes 6-9 Personnes 10 Personnes Supplément chambre simple
Classe Standard / $2999.00 Booking Tour $2460.00 Booking Tour / /
Note: Le prix par enfant est 80% du prix par adulte

Ville Classe Standard Classe Deluxe Classe Superieure
Beijing . Novotel Peace Hotel N/A N/A
Xian . Days Hotel & Suites Xinxing, Xi'an N/A N/A
Wuhan . Tianlu Hotel N/A N/A
Guangzhou . Guangzhou China Hotel N/A N/A

Information sur les hôtels:
Hôtel Piscine intérieure Piscine extérieure Gym Coffre Frigo Sèche-cheveux Cuisine
Novotel Peace Hotel   √     √   √   √   √
Days Hotel & Suites Xinxing, Xi'an     √   √   √   √   √
Tianlu Hotel   √     √   √   √   √
Guangzhou China Hotel     √   √   √   √   √


  • Beijing/Xian soft sleeper train tickets.
  • Deluxe air-conditioned bus ticket of Xian/Mt. WuDang.
  • YiChang/ChongQing Yangtze River Cruise.
  • Airport/hotel/airport (or train station) transfer as listed on itinerary.
  • All listed sightseeing and tour programs with private English-speaking tour guide and private van or bus with driver.
  • Hotels and meals as stipulated on itinerary.


  • International airfare. Please contact us for discount international airfare starting from your city.
  • Passport and/or China Visa Fees
  • Some meals
  • Tips to guides and drivers
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Orphanage visit filing fee
  • Side trips to the designated provinces on Day 14-16 and the airfare of Chongqing - province city - Guangzhou which can be arranged with extra cost by us.

Remarques importantes

  • There will be an extra cost of USD100.00/per adult and USD75.00 par enfant for having the Yichang/Chongqing Yangtze River Cruise in April, May, September, and October.
  • For different scheduled tour, please contact us for a price quote
  • All prices are quoted in US dollars, per person, based on two people sharing a room (double occupancy)
  • A child has to be 11 years old or under on the last day of the tour to receive a discount.
  • Twin beds in China hotels, about 50 inches wide, are closer in width to the 54" double size beds in the U.S., and much wider than the 39 inches wide twin beds found in U.S. homes.
  • A soft sleeper train compartment is equipped with two bunk beds and sleeps four. If there are less than four people in your party, Lotus Travel highly recommends purchasing the extra seats in the compartment to ensure privacy.
  • If your itinerary states "free time" or "free day", no activities would be planned for you and your English-speaking tour guide and driver would not be present.
  • Lotus Travel highly recommends clients to purchase travel insurance. The Travel Select Plan offered by the Travelex Insurance Company has excellent travel benefits and children 18 and under are free of charge when traveling with an adult.
  • We recommend applying for travel visas 2-3 months before your departure. For detailed information, please visit the Web page at http://www.lotustours.net/visas/china.shtml
  • Lotus Travel offers a very affordable cell phone rental package to help you stay in touch with families while in China. Please contact us at info@lotustours.net or your agent for more details
  • A $500.00 per person non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.
  • Balance is due 60 days before departure.
  • Lotus Travel Terms and Conditions
To review full listing of terms and conditions, refer to: http://www.lotustours.net/french/info/terms.shtml