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New regulations about carry-on luggage for all China domestic flights:

Officials from the General Administration of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced that from May 1st 2008, first class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of carry-on luggage, while business and economic class passengers are allowed only one. Moreover, each passenger's carry-on luggage cannot exceed 5 kilograms (approximately 11 lbs) and each piece cannot exceed the size of 20cm×40cm×55cm (approximately 7”x15”x21”). Any luggage that is beyond the allowed pieces, weight and size must be check-in accordingly as per regulation.

Below are restrictions on banned liquid in flights issued earlier by the CAAC.

  1. Passengers flying domestically are forbidden to carry any liquid, but check in is available and the luggage must meet provisions of the (CAAC).
  2. Beijing Capital Airport will start providing free drinking water in the air terminal starting March 14th  2008. Nursery rooms are available at most airports throughout China.
  3. Passengers should bring as little cosmetic as possible. Only one piece of each kind of cosmetic is allowed. Cosmetics should be individually packed for the convenience of open-bottle- security- check and the volume cannot exceed 100ml (approximately 3 oz).
  4. Foreign passengers who transfer at airports in China should place their duty-free liquid products in intact sealed transparent plastic bags and have the invoice or receipts available. Carriage must pass the security check.
  5. Passengers traveling with babies can apply to the airline for free formula. Diabetic patients and other patients can bring necessary liquid medicine, which must pass security check and be kept by the flight crew.
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