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Winter Travel 2024
Prepare to be spellbound on this once-in-a-lifetime trip as adoptees experience the unique opportunity to reconnect with their first country and culture. Climb the Great Wall and explore the iconic spots in Beijing; take in the ancient wonders of Xian with the Terra Cotta Horses and Warriors Museum. You’ll also enjoy China’s rustic countryside, enjoy family "downtime" and the hands-on activities...
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Bullet Train Tour
“Time stands still for no one ”. This classic phrase is one that parents often feel the twinge of the brevity of time with growing kids. It seems a fitting thought for this itinerary which takes advantage of China leveraging the latest technology to... Bullet Train Tour
passport We have updated the visa courier services to match the additional requirements from the Chinese government. This process is often requiring an additional 30 days du to changing requirements from the Chinese Consulates. Please be advised to have an udpated passport in hand, preferably 4-6 months in advance of your planned travel dates.
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