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It was one year ago today that we left on our fabulous 16 day China trip. We have so many wonderful memories from that 2 weeks. We still talk about all the things we saw, the people we met, the kind, funny guides in each city, and all the food we ate! I wanted to extend another thank you to you and Lotus travel for making it truly a dream trip that we will always remember.
2011--Vietnam--here we come!!
Fondly, Lisa Bara

Guilin Photo Gallery

We had a wonderful time and lots of great family memories. First we have told others that Lotus was excellent and we would go with them again in a heart beat. We've even talked about wanting to take the girls back the summer before their senior year in high school. It is hard to pick all the highlights, but we would all say that one of our favorite parts of the trip was going to Xian, seeing the Terracotta Warriors and bike riding on the city wall. That was a lot of fun. Every place we went had its own uniqueness. The orphanage visits were very special. Hallee did see her "nanny" and was able to eat lunch with her. We are extremely grateful to Lotus Travel for connecting us with her. We brought a photo album for the nanny and got lots of pictures. The same orphanage director was there as was 5 yrs ago and we also were able to feed the babies. There were lots of tears on our part. We also met the two ladies who brought Hallee to the orphanage and we got their pictures. At Julee's orphanage we met up with the same guide we had 7 years ago. We also met one of Julee's teachers. The orphanage had a banner for her with "Welcome back Xianyi". They treated her royally and even presented her with a beautiful porcelain vase. We do want to thank you for helping us make this a very memorable trip for our family. It was such a pleasure to work with both Marie and Sunny at Lotus. While in China we had great accommodations, guides, food and tours. Any glitches were taken care of. We have highly recommended you to our friends. A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN!
- The Zinck Familyl

China Homeland Heritage Tours For European Families

European families will have the best time -- you can choose a customized heritage trip for your family, or choose a N. American trip schedule you prefer -- it's all your choice! You can also enjoy the best service and support that Lotus Travel has offered to N. American families for more than twenty years! Make your dream trip happen today -- start by contacting Louie, Yi, President of Lotus Travel, at louie@lotustours.net or review itineraries listed below and choose one that fit's your family's interests!

Duration:14 days/13 nights  Price: from $1699 .00
Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai
This tour starts and concludes in two different cities with claims to the title "largest". Beijing has the largest geographical area and Shanghai has the largest population. In Beijing, you can get a glimpse of the royal family life in the Forbidden City and climb one of the world's wonders-the Great Wall! Then continue your trip to another breath-taking wonder-the Terra Cotta Soldiers and Horses Museum, in China's ancient capital Xi'an. After such splendid exploration along the history lane, relax by getting close to nature when visit the panda research base in Chengdu, where you can see and even hug the adorable pandas. Your last destination Shanghai, know as "pearl of the east", is a very modern city and famous around the world for its financial and business status. Don't miss the charm!
Duration:16 days/15 nights   Price: from $2050 .00
Chengdu, Lijiang, Dali, Kunming, Guangzhou
After visiting lovely pandas in Chengdu, you will fly to the beautiful and mysterious Yunnan Province in southern China, including destinations of Lijiang, Dali and Kunming. Having 25 minority nationalities, the highest number in China, Yunnan is a culturally diverse province. You can find the oldest Chinese characters, unique traditions and customs, and beautiful clothes and ornaments of different nationalities. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to witness all kinds of flowers blooming in the snow-capped mountain in Lijiang, crops of various colors growing on the scarlet earth in Kunming, and explore the ear-like lake Erhai in Dali. Yunnan is such a wonderful place. Your experience there will definitely linger in memory for a long long time!
Duration:14 days/13 nights   Price: from $1499 .00
Chengdu, Guilin, Guangzhou
Travel to Guilin after visiting the pandas' hometown Chengdu. The picturesque city of Guilin, in Guangxi Province, will captivate you with its beauty. The Li River Cruise will lead you to see the most breathtaking landscape in China, with sparkling clear waters, magnificent green hills and to explore the fascinating Yangshuo, where you can see combined features of east and west, classic and modern. Also take a trip to Longsheng for the wonderful terrace there, which are result of hundreds of year's hard work. Besides the attractive visual cuisine, you have a great opportunity to stay in the home-like cozy Guilin Ming Garden Apartment Suite. It is located among local residences, and you can get a brief glimpse of the local community's daily life.
Duration:14 days/13 nights  Price: from $999 .00
HongKong, Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shanghai
Enjoy shopping and modern exploration in Hong Kong, relax in scenic spots in Guilin and Yangshuo, and then start your meaningful trip to orphanage visit, which can be customized according to your preferences. After this wonderful experience, travel to Shanghai and Suzhou for even more! Shanghai, known as the "Pearl of the East", is a modern metropolis and the financial center of China, while Suzhou is famous for its fine gardens and embroidery. Join us and enjoy the beauty!

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