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China Visa Application FAQs

Q: Does Lotus Travel accept visa applications from all 50 states?
A: Yes. We accept applications from all 50 states. Non-citizens with a permanent residence card (Green card) can also apply through us.

Q: Does the Chinese Consulate accept applications by mail?
A: No. All applications must be submitted either in person or via a visa service courier.

Q: When should China travelers apply for visas?
A: Since tourist visas issued by the Chinese Consulate are now valid for up to ten years from the issue date, applicants can start applying once your China trip is confirmed and must have a minimum of 6 months of validity remaining on your passport from the China entry date.

Q: What documents are required for adult applicants?
A: A signed and completed application form, one 2"x2" standard passport photo with a clear and light background and the original American passport. Former Chinese citizens need to also submit their original Chinese passports unless there is proof of a previously issued visa.

Q: What documents are required for applicants who are 18 and under?
A: Children who are American born need to submit a copy of the birth certificate in addition to the application form, passport photo and the original American passport. For Chinese born children, a copy of the Chinese birth certificate and the original Chinese passport are also required.

Q: Should children sign their own applications?
A: Parents are recommended to sign for their kids if your children are young. Please sign your name first and your child's name behind or up and over your name.

Q: How can non-American citizens apply for visas?
A: The applicant needs to submit a signed and completed application form, the original birth country passport and a copy of the permanent residence card.

Q: Do I need to fill in postion and duty at Item 3.3E and 3.3E on the page 4?
A: Yes, you must fill them completed.

Q: Do I need to fill in country at Item 5 on page 4.?
A: Yes, you need to fill in USA behind the state name and zip code.

Q: I travelled to China a long time ago. How do I fill in Item 7.2 on the page 7.?
A: You should check “Yes”, and find out your old US passport with the Chinese visa before you complete the other information. You also need to include a hard copy of the old US passport, and a hard copy of the previous Chinese visa in the new visa application file to the Chinese consulate. You have to write a statement to the Chinese consulate to explain when and where you lost your old US passport if you can’t find it.

Q: How long is the visa application process?
A: Allow 20 - 30 business days for regular processing. Please send a self-addressed mailing package (FedEx or UPS) so the passports with visa stamp can be returned to you via secure mailing service.

Q: How long can the traveler stay in China?
A: A Chinese tourist visa may be issued with a maximum stay of up to 30 days.  The actual duration granted is at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate.

Q: What is the Americans’ National ID?
A: The identity number is printed on all of your national identification documents, such as your ID-card, passport, residents permit etc. It is usually either next to or below your name or your birth date. Look for a number with 11 digits containing your birthday in a year-month-date or date-month-year format. On bottom of your passport, there are lot of digits. Starting from the 1st digit behind USA, end on the 11th digit. This is your National ID.

Q: How to fill up last name?
A: On your passport biological page, your Surname is your last name.

Q: How to fill up first name and middle name?
A: On your passport biological page, if there are several names as your “Given Names” like “Davis Joseph”, you need to fill up “Davis” as the first name, and “Joseph” as the middle name.

Q: Do I need to fill up my Chinese name?
A: Any applicant born in China, including adopted child need to fill up the Chinese name in Chinese characters.

Q: Do I need to fill up email address for my child’s application?
A: Yes, any applicant’s application including your children’s application should be filled in the email address.

Q: Has my adopted Chinese child ever held any other nationality?
A: It should be YES, then more information required including Chinese name, former Chinese ID number, and number of the last Chinese passport

Q: Where can I find the Chinese’ National ID for my adopted child?
A: It could be found in the Adoption Registration Certificate or Notarized Birth Certificate. But there might be no Chinese National ID on some earlier version Adoption Registration Certificate or Notarized Birth Certificate, then you can check the box of “Not Applicable”, and explain “The child was adopted without Chinese National ID”.

Q: Should I apply for a group visa or independent tourist visa?
A: Independent tourist visa.

Q: Number of entries, Single, double or multiple?
A: Multiple.

Q: Maximum duration?
A: 30 days.

Q: Validity of visa in months?
A: 120 months.

Q: Who is the inviting person?
A: Guangdong China Youth Travel Service Co. Ltd

Q: Who is the sponsor?
A: None

Q: Is the place of issue for the passport the country, or something more specific?
A: Use the same information on your passport page.

Q: I assume the passport is "ordinary" so is that what I check?
A: On top of your passport page, If “P” is your passport Type, then your passport is ordinary.

Q: The Confirmation page would not print on a letter sized paper. The bottom part with signature and date was cut off where we were to sign. Can we use legal sized paper to print the application form?
 No, you have to use letter sized paper to print the form. Please follow the steps as below.
  1.Right click your mouse for “Print”
  2.Scroll down to “More Settings” before you click “Print” button.
  3.Change Scale (%) to “75”;
  4.Then click “Print” button and you will have the confirmation page on one piece of letter size paper.

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