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Serious Advantages of Winter Travel

by Louie Yi, President of Lotus Travel

While winter break is easy to overlook, it is a really nice time to be China. With kids out of school, it’s a great time get more value from air tickets and touring costs.  Also, December is not yet holiday season in China for most people in China, since a Chinese New Year always come later.  Because  schools in China take a break in January or February for Chinese New Year, it  means very few Chinese travelers are out at the sites we typically visit during December  -- so nothing is crowded at all – which makes travel so much more pleasant.
Beijing can be cool in the winter, so bring a jacket for sure –dressing in layers is a good solution, so you can adjust as you move south and weather is more seasonal.    It’s one of my favorite times to escort a group, as it can be a time to visit China without crowds at key sites—there are a lot of advantages to winter break –

  • No crowds   
  • Pleasant weather in all cities
  • International air has “low season” pricing
  • Heritage Trips costs often less than summer costs
  • More chance to see the wonderful features of key sites

There are more, but you get the idea ---- travel at non-peak times if you have that option. I suggest families seriously consider winter break travel, even if you miss a couple of days of school; it can be worth it.  The difference on airfare alone can result in saving a lot – sometimes more than $1000 per ticket, depending on where one has the original destination. Something to think about……!!    Click  Winter Travel 2019 to read the winter itinerary.  – I’ve made a few more tweaks to the making it even more fun! To request an individual price quote for your family to travel email me at louie@lotustours.net   or contact Iris Culp at iris@lotustours.net to find out about the next webinar schedule or ask questions about how to start planning!

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