Questions fréquentes sur la demande de Visa pour la Chine

Q: Does Lotus Travel accept visa applications from all 50 states?
A: Yes. We accept applications from all 50 states. Non US-citizens with a permanent residence card (Green card) can also apply through us.

Q: Does the Chinese Consulate accept applications by mail?
A: No. All applications should be submitted either in person or via a visa service courier.

Q: When should China travelers apply for visas?
A: Since the visas issued by the Chinese Consulate are valid for six months from the issue date, applicants could start applying three months before departure or shortly after the receipt of an adoption referral.

Q: What documents are required for adult applicants?
A: A signed and completed application form, one 2"x2" standard passport photo with a clear and white background and the original American passport. Former Chinese citizens need to submit their original Chinese passports unless there is proof of a previously issued visa.

Q: What additional documents are required for applicants who are 12 and under?
A: Children who are American born need to submit a copy of the birth certificate in addition to the application form, passport photo and the original American passport. For Chinese born children, a copy of the Chinese birth certificate, a copy of US birth certificate, a copy of the China adoption certificate/degree, a copy of name changing certificate and the original Chinese passport are also required.

Q: Should children sign their own applications?
A: Parent(s) should sign for their kids. Please sign your name first and sign your kid’s name beside your name on the visa application form.

Q: How can non-American citizens apply for visas?
A: The applicant needs to submit a signed and completed application form; the original birth country passport and a copy of the permanent residence card (If it is the first time one is applying for a Chinese visa, please submit the Original Permanent Residence/Green Card.).

Q: How long is the visa application process?
A: 14 regular days for regular processing and expedited process takes around 4 to 7 regular days. We will return all passports via FedEx or UPS via the self-addressed express mailer you provided in your application packet.

Q: How long can the traveler stay in China?
A: A maximum of 60 days.
Q: What kinds of payments are accepted?

  • Credit card payment is accepted online at:  Or you may contact to submit credit card payment authorization form via email or phone. 
  • Check payments are accepted also. Mail to our central office: Lotus Travel, 8312 S. 100th E. Ave, Tulsa, OK 74133

Q: Where should applicants send their application packages?
A: Depending on where you live and that will dictate where to mail it.

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