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Culture Connections
Living Between the Cultures
by Lea Xu

As the Vice President of Lotus Travel, Lea describes her personal experience and observations while living as a Chinese woman in America.

Chinese Values, Customs and Beliefs
by Lea Xu

Lea shares an overview of unique aspects of Chinese traditions and what you should know before visiting. It is helpful to understand beliefs so you can prepare yourself and children for your visit.

Cultural Distinctions:East and West
by Lea Xu

As a woman who lives and moves smoothly among two cultures with often very differing perspectives, it is helpful to learn some of each. Read Lea's overview of these distinctions, and gain some insight as your family lives and moves among the East and Western cultures.

Travel Connections
Preparation and Tips for China Travel
By Louie Yi

As the President of Lotus Travel and with his experience in the travel industry for over 20 years, Louie Yi presents his tips and words of wisdom to families seeking planning and in-country travel advice.

Trip Countdown and Considerations
By Iris Culp

Have you ever wondered what you should do when in terms of preparing for a homeland trip? Read here for detailed information on the "one year before countdown" that can guide you and your family for a smooth journey of planning in your pre-trip preparations. Ready? 12 months, 11 months, 10 months...here you go!
Our Homeland Heritage Tour Program Director, Iris Culp, goes into detail of what to do when planning a homeland heritage tour. This informative article is also a countdown from one year prior to your trip of what you and your family can do to prepare for this milestone life journey.

Top Ten Travel Items
By Lea Xu

Listen in as Lea, experienced international traveler, co-owner of Lotus Travel, and mom to three young children, shares her top ten items for traveling with young children.

Beyond the Tourist Hot Spots
by Louie Yi

If you've seen the main tourist sites, but you're looking for something beyond the ordinary spots in China, read Louie Yi's inside tips. As as experienced itinerary planner with more than twenty years of insights, learn his best spots to see for an "off the beaten path" experience in China.

Travel Preparation
The Importance of Strengthening Your Children's Ethnic Identities
by Joyce Yiu

Read about ethnic identity and its connection to a strong self-esteem in children.

Timing of Birth Country Visits
by Dr. Rebecca Nelson

Are you concerned about what the best time is to take your child(ren) on a trip to their birth country? Listen in as expert, child psychologist and adult adoptee, shares professional perspective on this all important topic.

Emotional Preparation
by Dr. Rebecca Nelson

How do you know when your child is ready for a homeland visit? How should one prepare? Dr. Rebecca Nelson, adult adoptee, and child psychologist explores this important topic and shares professional wisdom and personal insights on this key consideration.

Why Talking About Adoption is Important
by Dr. Rebecca Nelson

Once your child is home and your home is established and settled, how and when do you discuss the topic of adoption? Dr. Nelson gives professional insight to this topic relevant for all adoptive families.

Preparation Tips and Projects for a Homeland Visit
by Iris Culp

Once you've decided to take a homeland tour, check out this list of practical, fun recommendations of how to engage and prepare yourself and your family for this trip with lifetime memories.

Orphanage Connections
Orphanage Addresses

Look here for a current listing of orphanage addresses.

Orphanage Visits

Read about some practical suggestions on preparing to visit an orphanage.

Orphans Improvement Program

Read about the program that "gives back" to children who remain in China.

SWI Gift Giving Tips
by Amy Eldridge

Amy Eldridge, founder of Love Without Boundaries, shares her experienced insights about visiting an orphanage.

Kids Connections

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