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China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.This 10 yr. old boy, Wade, has never attended school. This bright, articulate child needs help from a nanny to go to school since he is wheelchair bound. Please help us help him. Click packagesofhope to read more or to help kids move into foster care.


"Uncle Louie" June 6th trip
Come join "Uncle Louie" on this June 6th tour -- an ideal time to join other adoptive families for the fun and be guided by "tour guide extraordinaire" Louie Yi. Visit and experience the sites of Beijing, Xian, Chengdu (and its pandas!) as well as Guilin and Yangshou. Then plan your child's orphanage visit if you wish, or add option cities and make it a superb trip! Email louie@lotustours.net

China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
Travel Office assistant/agent
Lotus Travel seeks individual with in-depth knowledge of China with strong office, organizational and detail skills.  Requires minimum of 1-2 previous office related experience and demonstrated ability to handle details with high level of accuracy.  Strong phone and computer proficiency required.  Successful candidate will handle a variety of tasks including: phones, airline ticketing, visa application, travel insurance, cell phone rental and general office support. Either ft. or pt. time possible.  Email iris@lotustours.net 
Extended Stay - Guilin
Would you like to live in a Chinese apartment home for a month? You can practice your Mandarin and enjoy authentic Chinese culture while living among locals! Experience a "China homestay" and get connected to daily life. Click (here) for details.

China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
Want to read about living in China? Lea writes about her experiences on the blog, "Here and There: China & US" Click http://leahereandthere.blogspot.com to follow.

China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
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