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Let's help him finish the school year. Initial "seed money" has been raised for "Wade" a 10 year old from Wuzhou SWI who had never before been able to attend school (due to his wheelchair condition). He is seen here with his nanny, who must assist him in order for the school to allow him to come. Please consider helping -- only $650 more is needed to finish. Click packagesofhope to give, or Click here to learn more.
Winter Break White Swan Reunion Tour
Make it happen during Winter Break 2014! It’s a great season for travel-- ideal airfares, school break, cooler weather --- and the best news is – The White Swan is re-opening in December. Enjoy the “must see” sights of Beijing – climb the Great Wall; tromp around Tiananmen Square; traipse the steps of Temple of Heaven. Take an overnight train to visit Xian – ride bikes on the city wall and see close up the amazing artistry evident at the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses site...
China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
Vietnam Winter Break 2014
See Vietnam this winter with your family! It's a great time to travel; you will see the sites of Saigon, Hanoi, explore floating markets in Can Tho and enjoy everyday life as you visit a school and gain a glimpse into what life in Vietnam is like on an everyday basis.
Flexible Christmas Tour in China 2014
This year, make it a most memorable Christmas!! Cultural sites: the Forbidden City; Tiananmen Square; climbing the Great Wall; seeing the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World ; It is great to travel without summer heat; when traffic is minimal and crowds are somewhere else.

China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
Want to read about living in China? Lea writes about her experiences on the blog, "Here and There: China & US" Click http://leahereandthere.blogspot.com to follow.

China,Chinese,heritage,travel,birth country,homeland,Vietnam,return visit,adoption,adoptive,family.
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