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“Heritage Travel 101” Webinar Schedule

Would you like to learn more about how to prepare your family for a heritage trip? 
Review the full webinar schedule on our home page, or  you can email iris@lotustours.net  to ask for a recorded session if the schedule doesn't fit yours conveniently.  Here is a sampling of topics covered.

  • What age/maturity level should I consider taking this trip with my child?
  • What can I expect during the orphanage visit portion?
  • How do I prepare my child for the orphanage visit?
  • What are some key cultural differences to be aware of prior to your trip?
  • What are the advantages of traveling during different times of the year?
  • What should we be doing to prepare our child emotionally for the trip?
  • What has been the outcome experienced by other families taking such a trip?
  • What can we do to keep our trip at a reasonable cost?
  • What projects can help a child become comfortable with China before we go

This workshop is heavy on practical planning tips, both in the overall family preparation and engagement as well logistical considerations for your trip. You will walk away from this webinar with the ability to convert abstract ideas into practical plans as your family considers such a trip.

This webinar empowers you, as parents, to think through and make intentional choices about the type of trip that best suits your family's needs. Once equipped with this information, you will be comfortable in creating your family's plan. Act today and sign up for the webinar which is conveniently scheduled across multiple time zones. (Note: Please carefully note the various time zone listed next to the session you choose.) You'll be glad you did!

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