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Phone: 1-800-956-8873
Phone: 425-223-4641
Fax: 425-484-2133

Email: info@lotustours.net

Live Chat: Located under the promotion navigation bar of each Web page. We recommend utilizing this feature if you have simple questions.

Adoption Travel

Maricel Climacosa: Cel@lotustours.net

Homeland Heritage Tours 

Louie Yi: Louie@lotustours.net 

Educational & Community Services

Currently Available:
  • “Living in Two Cultures” seminar 
  • “Preparing for a Homeland journey” seminar 

FCC Fundraisers 

  • If your FCC group is doing a fundraiser you can make a request for a limited supply of auction basket donations.  This is also applicable if your FCC is doing a fundraiser for another non-profit as well.   Contact Iris Culp at Iris@lotustours.net to make that request.  Please include the event date, number of anticipated attendees and a mailing address if request is granted. 

Marketing and Support Services

  • Would you like to request a donation to your FCC/FCV chapter auction? Contact Iris Culp at Iris@lotustours.net
  • Interested in inviting Lotus to attend as a vendor at your event? Contact Iris Culp at Iris@lotustours.net
  • Do you have Visa, Travel Insurance, Currency Exchange needs?Contact your travel advisors at Info@lotustours.net
  • Are you having trouble with the Lotus Travel website? Contact Ansion at Ansion@lotustours.net
  • Do you need our new DS-230 Guangzhou US Consulate carrier service?  Contact Ying Chen at Chenying@lotustours.net
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