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Located in southeastern China and stretching over the reputable Yangtze and Huai River, Anhui province is 139,000 square km in size and currently possesses a population of 60 million. The province is famous for its production of the "four treasures of the study": xuan paper, inkslabs, inksticks and writing brushes, which are produced in Xuancheng, Shexian, Huizhou and Xuancheng respectively.

Anhui is also an important base for the rapidly growing coal and steel industry in China. One of the steel production companies in Ma An Shan has been rated as one of the top ten corporations of the country recently. Besides, the province also focuses on planting fruits, such as pears and guava, and producing tea.

At the same time, the province is also reputable for its Chinese herbal medicinal cuisine. The combination of the traditional herbal medicine and fresh culinary ingredients provides the most nutritious diet for diners. Popular dishes include pork in lotus and lily seeds broth, Huangshan braised pigeon and stewed Snapper. Besides the nutritious medicinal feast, tourists can also sample local favorites, such as fermented fish, stuffed tofu, Wuwei smoked duck, bamboo shoots and soft-shelled turtle soup.

Attractions to visit

  • Hefei

    The hometown of the righteous Song Dynasty official Bao Zheng and a battlefield during the Three Kingdoms Period, is currently the capital of Anhui province. Reputable sites to visit include the temple and tomb of Bao Zheng, the battlefield at Xiaoyaojin, Jiaonu (Archery Drilling) Terrace, Xinghua (Apricot Flower) Park and Chaohu Amusement Park-on-the-water.

  • Huangshan

    Reputable for its rich cultural heritage and mountains, Huangshan is also rated as the cradle of one of China's three local academic schools: the school of Anhui studies. Do not miss out the famous attractions, such as Mount Huangshan, Mount Qiyun, the four key cultural relics under state protection, which is Xu Guo's Stone Archway, dwelling houses at Qiankou, the group of archways in Tangyue, Xinan River and Taiping Lake.

  • Mount Huangshan Scenic Zone

    Mount Huangshan is rated as the "No. 1 Mountain Under Heaven" and the secret of its beauty can be unveiled through its "four wonders": "pine trees with shapely foliage, rocks in a hundred and one images, an ocean of clouds and hot springs," You will find eight tourist zones with 400 scenic spots, star-rated hotels and stores selling souvenirs and local specialties within the scenic zone.

  • Hong Village (Hong Cun)

    Located in Yixian County, (which is close to the Mount Huangshan area), the village contains the best- preserved ancient antique residences built in the "Hui" style. Built with white walls and black tiles, these houses usually have large courtyards and private gardens, and at the same time showing their fine brick, wood and stone carvings. Most tourists are attracted to the village in exploration of these unique and gorgeous architectures. The village became a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in 2000 and was one of the shooting sites for the reputable martial arts movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", starring Chinese actor Chow Yun Fat in the same year.

  • Tunxi

    Emerged during the Southern Song Dynasty, the 1.5 km long Old Street in Tunxi is paved with bluestones and has buildings that sufficiently reflect the unique Anhui architecture style. Souvenir stores that sell local specialties, such as Shexian Conty's inkslabs, Mount Huangshan's maojian tea and the Hukaiwen-brand Anhui inksticks can be found on the street.

  • Mount Jiuhua

    Rated as the "No. 1 Mountain in Southeast China", the 1,342 meters tall Mt Jiuhua in Qingyang County is known as one of the four major Buddhist mountain sanctuaries in China. Interestingly enough, all its major temples and attractions are all located within 100 square km.

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