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Located in eastern China and adjacent to Shanghai, Zhejiang province has a population of 43.64 million and is 100,000 square kilometers in size. Rated as the "Land of Fish and Rice" and the "Storage of Silk and Tea", the province also manufactures tangerines, peaches, plums, and famous for its Shaoxing wine.

The Zhejiang cuisine is one of the eight most reputable regional cuisines in China. Besides focusing on deliciousness, appearances are extremely important when serving this unique cuisine. Popular dishes include beggar chicken, Dongpo pork, Song Sau shredded fish soup and West Lake fish in vinegar sauce.

Attractions to visit


Regarded as the "Paradise Under Heaven", Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang and has spectacular sceneries and food to offer its visitors. Do not miss out a chance to sample the special Longjing tea.

  • West Lake Scenic Zone

    Rated as the beauty of Hangzhou, the West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and covers 6 square kilometers of water surface. There are over 50 major scenic spots to explore, where tourists may see nicely built pavilions, beautiful Lotus flowers, goldfish, gigantic ancient bell in a nearby temple and much more. Cruising on the lake by boat to enjoy the fabulous views is highly recommended.

  • Ling Yin (Soul's Retreat) Temple

    Founded by the Indian monk Hui Li in 326 AD, the Ling Yin Temple is considered to be one of the ten most notable temples in China. Approximately 330 stone-carved sculptures are kept within the temple, and visitors may notice the nicely painted phoenixes and dragons on the ceilings as they enter the main temple hall. It is currently the leading center of Buddhism research.

Putuoshan Mountain

Considered as one of the four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, Putuoshan Mountain retains many remarkable Buddhist cultural relics and has marvelous caves and beaches due to its location on Zhoushan Island. Puji, Fayu and Huiji Temples are the most notable on Putuoshan Mountain, making them the "must-visits" of Buddhist worshippers. Visitors may also enjoy the area's famous seafood or vegetarian feasts during their explorations.

Qiandao Lake Scenic Zone

1,078 islands situated in the middle of this man-made lake, which is why it is also known as the "Thousand Island Lake". It has a water surface of 573 square kilometers, which is 108 times larger than the West Lake in Hangzhou. Containing marvelous waterfalls, rare rock formations, spectacular caves and clear waters, this scenic zone has become a popular tourist resort recently.


Recently opened to visitors, this 1,200-year-old canal town retains its charm and grace reminiscent of a traditional Chinese painting: quaint buildings, traditional arched bridges and willow- lined canals could be found in town. Besides, local actors regularly perform Shaoxing, Peking and Flower Drum Operas for free at the town square adjacent to the Xiuzhen Temple. Special souvenirs, such as indigo painted fabric, Sanbai wine, cloth shoes and bamboo handicrafts can be purchased at local workshops.


Another thousand-year-old ancient town in Zhejiang province, Xitang is famous for its bridges, hutongs and residential building structures. The fantastic surrounding sceneries and the town's peacefulness have attracted popular American actor Tom Cruise to shoot his movie "Mission Impossible III" there.

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