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It was one year ago today that we left on our fabulous 16 day China trip. We have so many wonderful memories from that 2 weeks. We still talk about all the things we saw, the people we met, the kind, funny guides in each city, and all the food we ate! I wanted to extend another thank you to you and Lotus travel for making it truly a dream trip that we will always remember.
2011--Vietnam--here we come!!
Fondly, Lisa Bara

Guilin Photo Gallery

Travel Advisory Information

What is happening with the Travel Advisory?

More than one year ago, the State Dept. revised its travel categories and expanded from 2 levels historically used and created a revised 4 level advisory procedure, which allows for more nuances  Here is an overview of the newer 4-tier level of advisories : New Travel Levels  and includes a full listing of 52 other countries that currently have a Level 2 categorization.  Of course, it is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance; we recommend Travelex .  The most beneficial plan is to include the “Cancel for Any Reason” pak as an option, as this provides the most flexibility in any situation.

Recent Events

Following a Dec. 2018 indictment and arrest of the CFO of Huawei, the tech giant in China, there has been a change in US/China diplomatic relations  (Time Inc. refers to “ diplomatic spat” read more...).   Currently the Huawei CFO faces a 10-count grand jury indictment for selling restricted technology to Iran and lying to US banks on the sales, as well as a separate 13 count indictment for stealing proprietary intellectual property from T-Mobile.  US law enforcement authorities requested Canada to detain this executive’s return to China while traveling on a return route through Canada.  China retaliated with detaining a Canadian ex-diplomat and governmental advisor.  China also detained three immediate family members of a former executive at a state-owned bank and who is accused of participating in a 1.4 billion fraud case. On Jan. 3, the US State Dept. issued a Level 2 Travel Advisory, warning to exercise increased caution.

What to keep in mind while I travel in China?

We always recommend to avoid critical statements on government policies, politics or religious topics in a public conversation.  Also, if you communicate via social media or email while in China, it’s always a good idea to avoid such topics and statements that might be critical of the Chinese government. Any such conversation would make a Chinese citizen uncomfortable, as there are governmental ideological differences.   

It is best to travel with an established, knowledgeable agency that has a tour guide stay at the same hotel in each location throughout your journey. By having Lotus arrange the travel, we have a local guide and travel organization in each province, so we can respond quickly to any situation.   If something unexpected EVER occurs, whether there is a Level 1 (Normal precautions) or a Level 2 (Increased Caution) should take place, the tour guide will contact us and we will work local staff to assist. 

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