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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Spotlight

There are many families whose children have come from Guangxi province being highlighted this month. Because of its famous mountainous landscapes near Guilin, this province is a most popular tourist destination for Chinese as well as foreign travelers.

Of course, the most famous city in Guangxi is Guilin, with its unique Karst landscape that often is used in artistic renderings to represent China. With Guangxi situated in Southern China and sharing a border with Vietnam it has a coastline with the South China Sea and is considered a kingdom of subtropical fruits. The temperate climate makes Guangxi particularly appealing during the Fall and Winter; many like to spend summer time there as well.

Guilin is considered a “pearl” of the South China Sea area and is a great place to buy pearls for a discerning shopper. The area also offers beautiful natural scenery such as such as Elephant Trunk Hill and displays a striking spectacle of unique cave formations inside Reed Flute Cave which create “out of this world” sensation for the visitor. Travelers who like a small “hike” get rewarded with a fantastic view of Guilin and the Li River after the 400 + steps of Fu Bo Hill are scaled.

Guilin is also special to Lea Xu, Lotus Travel’s
Vice President of Marketing and Sales, as it is her childhood hometown. She says of this area, “It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, I think.”

The picturesque scenery along the Li River down from Guilin to Yangshou is often used as a symbol of China and is considered a “must see”. Yangshou is also known as “The Earth Village in China” and is a popular spot for bicyclists and backpackers. Some visitors rent and bicycle and visit the Moon Hill and the Big Banyan Tree. There are small villages hidden among rice paddies, there are water buffalo lazily perusing while fishermen boat on the river. Yangshou is a small town with beautiful country scenery, and is now home to the famous light “Impressions” show choreographed by the same individual who conducted the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Lotus Travel’s President and inveterate traveler, Louie Yi visited Guangxi province on a recent “guys trip” in the northern Longshen region. The famous rice fields of Longshen and Sanjian are known for the Dong and Zhuang Minority villages. If you visit there will have a chance to taste the local food and appreciate the traditional singing and dancing performances. There are many traditional handicrafts there such as the brocades of the Zhuang minority, embroideries of the Yao Minority and also colorful shell carvings.

It is a definitive consensus that Guangxi offers many delightful options for visiting families.

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