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Celebrating a Friend’s Birthday

by Yvette, Lotus Travel Advisor

Looking at the calendar, I find that my friend’s birthday is coming up soon. Her birthday is on the 5th of the month according to the lunar calendar. Corresponding with the solar calendar, it should be on the 26th.  Unlike Westerners, most Chinese usually celebrate their lunar calendar birthday. This can be more challenging, since the birthday will be shown on a different date according to the solar calendar each year.  But some people just celebrate their solar birthday since it shows the same date on the solar calendar and it is easier not to miss it that way.  

Speaking of birthday celebrations, birthday cake immediately comes to mind. But I decided to do a traditional way this year. In my hometown, a baby’s first month birthday calls for a celebration. The guest will prepare the “Lucky money” to put in the red envelope.  Many delicious foods will be offered to entertain the guests and a red-dyed egg will be sent home with the guests as return present. It is a happiness party for the parents to share joyful news, the birth of the child, and receive the blessing from the relatives and friends. When the child is getting older, families will prepare the red-dyed egg for the child to eat.   In Chinese traditional ways, the egg is significant and symbolizes good fortune and renewal of life.  Rolling the egg on the body symbolizes collecting fortune.  It also shows the best wishes for the child as they start their life and wishes for it to go smoothly as the round egg rolls without obstruction.  Now, I have decided to prepare boiled eggs for my friend.  It will mean to her that she can catch special meaning of the egg and also will make her feel at home.
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