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Panda Cam at Atlanta Zoo!

The Atlanta Zoo currently has four giant pandas in residence, Lun Lun (female), Yang Yang (male), and their two offspring Mei Lan (female), and a soon-to-be-named male cub.  Lun Lun gave birth to their second cub on August 30, 2008.  He will receive his name at his 100-day ceremony. 

Panda_Cub_BornAug08Panda Cub Born August 2007(Photo copyright Zoo Atlanta 2008)

Lun Lun and Yang Yang were born at the Chengdu Breeding and Research base in Sichuan, China.  They have been living together since Lun Lun was one year old.  Yang Yang was part of a 13-month long joint behavioral study between Atlanta Zoo and the Chengdu Breeding Center.  Yang Yang stayed with his mother for his first 13 months, while Lun Lun was separated from her mother at 4.5 months of age.  They were sent to Atlanta Zoo in 1999 as part of the ten-year research and breeding loan agreement from Chengdu.

Atlanta Zoo has a Panda Cam on their website which allows you to watch these gentle giants from anywhere in the world.  They are also leading an effort to provide education on panda conservation for zoos in China.  Click here to go to their website to read more about Atlanta Zoo’s work in giant panda breeding research and to watch Lun Lun and Yang Yang or see past video of the cubs! Mei_Lan

Mei Lan 2007
(Photo copyright Zoo Atlanta 2007)
(Click here to visit the Panda Cam:  http://www.zooatlanta.org/animals_giant_panda.htm)

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