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Hunan Highlight

Hunan has been a birthplace for a number of Chinese adopted children, and is also a significant province culturally and politically within China. . 

Hunan UniversityHunan’s most memorable and favorite son is Chairman Mao Zedong and you can visit his home in Shaoshan if it interests you. Changsha, the capital city, has attracted many scholars for thousands of years and is considered a gathering place of great writers. Today’s Hunan University has heritage dating back more than 1000 years ago as an ancient Chinese academy of Classical Learning; it is the only ancient academy in China to have evolved into a modern institution of higher learning.   If you tour the Hunan Provincial Museum your kids may enjoy seeing a 2100 yr-old mummy that has been perfectly preserved; even with watermelon seeds found in the stomach.  Those are some varied cultural highlights that Hunan offers!

Zhangjiajie ForestFor those who enjoy nature and the great outdoors, Zhangjiajie National Forest is something to experience!  You can explore the natural wonders of streams, caves, waterfalls and rare rock formations.   You can also visit historical sites such as the Yellow Stone Village, with an elevation of more than 3300 feet above sea level, it offers incredible views of the forest.  It is also said that climbing to the top is good for your health – it will clean your lungs and make your skin look clearer-- one of the world’s oldest day spa’s!

Hunan enjoys a subtropical climate.  The summers are warm and wet providing the lush green foliage that surrounds the Hunan countryside.  It contributes to the success of many crops such as rice, oranges, and tea.  Fall provides cooler temperatures and the opportunity to explore the lakes and forests at a relatively dry time of the year. 

Click here to read more about the Hunan Children’s Provincial Reunion Tours.  This tour is sure to provide memorable moments for your family and its connection to Chinese culture. . 

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