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Finances for Heritage Travel

Cost? Yes, its definitely a financial commitment. Below is one scenario for illustrative purposes.

If you like, you can pre-pay for your trip. For example, if your in-country travel costs $2000 per adult, and there are 2 adults and 2 kids (under age 12) the total in-country cost would be $7200 ($2000 x 2 = $4000 + $1600 per child x 2 = $3200). After placing a $500 deposit per traveler, ($7200-$2000=$5200 trip balance) one can pay $433.33 per month for 12 months

How do you save costs and budget for the trip? One way is to travel in wintertime, fall or early spring when airfares are typically less. You can also take train travel in between key cities, which can save on hotel and airfare costs in China. If you travel in a group of 10 (adults) or more, you will gain the benefit of group rates as well.

Budget Saving Tips

  • Consider travel at non-summer times to get better airfare rates (fall, spring or winter)
  • Travel when your child is still under 12
  • Join or bring together a group of 4-5 families, to get best travel group prices (10+ adults)
  • Let grandparents or others know of the Lotus Travel gift certificate option for kids birthday and holidays
  • Collect frequent flier miles to lower or eliminate airfare costs or ask others to gift you miles.
  • Create a Trip Savings Account - you send us funds as you have them. Send us $50; $100 etc. as you can. Well help you track your progress.
  • Let friends and extended family know of your trip plan & year. They may wish to purchase gift certificates towards your future trip. Lotus offers gift certificate purchase online for ease of gifting. (Click Gift Certificate for details).
  • Create a bank savings account that is completely designated for this purpose. Or, set a trigger level (e.g. $250) for sending a payment to Lotus Travel to put towards your account. Youll be encouraged as it builds.
  • Select a strategy for earning miles; consider letting others know they may offer to collect miles too!
  • You may choose to do a staycation for 1-2 years as you save towards a heritage trip.
  • Consider having your child assist in saving/collecting
  • Allow them to have responsibility for designated part (visa fees, shopping, orphanage donation
  • Trip Savings Plan (TSP)

    What is it?
    A dedicated savings account to help your dream heritage trip become reality.

    Why have one?
    It is convenient to have a dedicated savings account, solely focused on your upcoming heritage trip helps your family realize your dream trip as soon as possible.

    How can I start one?
    Send us an email. We ask that y ou start with a minimum of $500 to open a Trip Savings Plan. The rest of what you put in, when you put it in well -- that is up to you! You can put in small or large increments; we will hold your funds until you tell us you are ready to apply the money towards a specific trip. Send your email to (louie@lotustours.net) and let him know you are starting a TSP. Then mail us a check, or make a payment online. Its begun!

    Pick a target date, make a financial plan and work it a bit at a time. You can make it happen!
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